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It's a new year.... now what?

It's a new year: 2020. If you're anything like me, a new year is met with excitement, maybe some apprehension, and a wonder of "Will I follow through on those New Years Resolutions I made?" I have long ago given up on making New Year's resolutions, because I often bite off more than I can possible chew! So, over the years, I have begun the practice of identifying "baby steps" that I can make in my life. What do you mean?

A "baby step", is a small step (duh!) that I can make in my life to begin to alter the status quo or the rut I may/may not be in. For example, this year (2020), I made the decision to take one trip each month so I can begin seeing the beautiful state of Oregon that I call home. Now remember, I started this paragraph off by talking about baby steps. My baby step is the call to see more of this state, but that doesn't mean the trips have to be extravagant, or lavish, or be anything more than a day trip someone in the state of Oregon. Maybe I go check out a neighborhood hike I've been hearing about, or maybe it's trying a new restaurant that's received good review, or even a day trip to a different city on the Coast.

By making the baby step reasonable and something that is totally doable, I have more of a chance to succeed at the New Year's resolution I did make.... a baby step that I can do, a commitment I follow through on, a feeling of accomplishment, and the opportunity to see more of this state I call home.

What is a "baby step" you can make in your life.... and how would you begin that process?

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